Presents The Arizona Poker Tour

The Arizona Poker Tour (APT) consists of a network of venues where Amusement Gambling Poker Tournaments (AGPTs) are conducted . We have carefully structured the APT as a series of skill-based poker tournaments pursuant to A.R.S.§13-3301(1)(d)(iv), commonly referred to by state officials as the “Chuck E. Cheese” clause. Under this patent-pending method of compensating players in live poker tournaments, players earn points* for each hand they win during the tournament. This is just like winning tickets when playing Skeeball at Dave & Busters or Peter Piper Pizza. Players can also earn points by finishing in one of the top spots in a tournament, by winning the “high hand of the hour”, or in other ways if approved by the majority of members. The APT is primarily a points-based system with additional rewards each month, quarter and year. For the past two years, the annual championship tournament has been successfully registered with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office as amusement gambling pursuant to A.R.S.§13-3301(1)(d)(iii).

The amusement gambling exclusion allows TPR to bring the fun and entertainment of the Friday night home game, using a professional dealer, at popular neighborhood venues that offer, among other things, food and beverage service. TPR provides the equipment and the personnel for our semi-private events. And unlike free pub poker operations - which can cost a venue upwards of $250 - TPR events incur no cost to venue.

TPR is a non-profit 501(c)7 organization. Membership is FREE until such time as the majority of members vote to assess fees. Those fees, under the co-operative model, will effectively be used to crowdfund our start-up costs. This is truly the “co-operative way”, and something all current members are excited to see to fruition.

* Chuck E. Cheese, et. al., uses a ticket or voucher, which TPR can easily do too. However, TPR could simply track points or “virtual vouchers”. The tournament director can track points won on a tablet device, which can be linked to an overhead monitor or two at the venue. Players can also "bank" virtual vouchers in the digital voucher vault at www.ArizonaPokerTour.com.

We are currently in the process of play testing the AGPT system by playing a $40 traditional home games. Play testing consists of co-operatively tracking the results of each hand... How many players to the flop, turn, river? Showdown? What was the winning hand? After the tournament, we can compare results (Traditional as played vs. AGPT as envisioned). The goal is to finetune the mechanics so AGPTs offer both pay and play comparable to traditional tournaments. If you want to join in the $40 game. At that point, we can switch to playing AGPTs, and start looking for a suitable third-party venue to host a weekly game or two.

These are the two key tables that allow AGPTs to offer comparable pay and play to home/casino games.
AGPT Reward Table (Beta)
Redemption Table (Beta)

Players and TPR members enjoy the following benefits that AGPTs provide:

PROFESSIONAL. TPR uses casino-quality equipment, and professional personnel (dealers, tournament directors and managers) -- just like at the casino. But not like at your home game where Aunt Mabel keeps exposing half the deck every time she tries to deal.

FRIENDLIER. AGPTs are competitive poker, make no mistake, but the games are notably friendlier than a tournament at a casino. TPR is owned and operated by the members for the members. We form a tight-knit community of people from all walks of life that get to know each other socially through a competitive, sporting, game that we like to play.

REGULAR games. Starting out with one mobile unit, TPR can conduct events at seven venues in seven different cities in the Valley. That’s one or two tournaments each week on a regular night, at a regular venue, at a regular time.

EASIER! Unlike the home games, we aren’t relying on the host to set up, which often first involves cleaning up the house... or cleaning up and putting everything away after everyone leaves... and many of us have little kids at home, and the games can run late and get kind of loud... or maybe we don’t have the room for 2-3 table tournaments (or more). TPR makes it easy.

CONVENIENT. We’ll play at venues like sports bars and grills that offer amenities comparable to what you’d expect at a casino poker room: great food and beverage service, plenty of HDTVs, music and other entertainment alternatives, darts, billiards, etc.

CLOSER. Players aren’t forced to drive miles, often hours there and back, to play professionally-dealt poker in another nation-state. Many poker players object to being herded into tribal casinos, which is the only place to contend in games with a professional dealer that keeps the game moving along. Compared to other casino games, poker is like baseball, whereas slots are like hockey. And if you don’t go to casinos, hiring a dealer for your home game would void the social exclusion. There can be no third party benefit, directly or indirectly, from the gambling activity.

OPTIONS. What’s a poker player to do in Cochise County? It may be a surprise to some but residents in seven (7) of Arizona’s 15 counties don’t even have access to a tribal poker room for a professionally dealt game.

LEGAL. Unlike gray market social poker rooms that have had their share of scrutiny over the past decade, the amusement gambling exclusion is what allows kids and families to enjoy a little “family gaming“ entertainment for minimal expenses and prizes valued at a max cap of $550.

TAXATION with representation.TPR anticipated paying full retail sales tax on all memberships, as well as an amusement tax on all entry fees to AGPT events. We have recently discovered a 25¢ federal wagering tax (per transaction), and are currently looking further into this. All staff members will be paid through a third party payroll company and have all proper fees and taxes withheld, with TPR matching funds where necessary. Of course, depending on whether we formally incorporate as a non-profit organization, and what form that incorporation takes, may negate certain fees and taxes that most for-profit organizations pay.

SAFER. APT venues include popular neighborhood sports bars and grills, restaurants, and similar facilites. BIA casinos surround their poker rooms with the lure of the most addictive form of predatory gambling humans have ever created: slot machines. Furthermore, these untaxed, “domestic dependent nations” are third world countries, with their own rules and laws. Your rights may not even be entirely protected on tribal trust land.

CONTROL. TPR is a member-owned and managed club organized for the benefit, entertainment and enjoyment of our members. As such, we control the game, just like in a home game, and in juxtaposition to a casino-game atmosphere. We self-regulate in a democratic and co-operative organization, holding regular monthly meetings utilizing Robert’s Rules of Order, and electing leaders to carry out the will of the majority.

COMMUNITY. TPR creates jobs and helps keep money in the local community. TPR gives back to the community by supporting local 501(c)3 charitable organizations, other co-operatives, and any member-vetted philanthropic concerns approved by the majority.

ONLINE. Each member can have a profile page at the members-only website ArizonaPokerTour.com. What information is shown on a profile page will be configurable by the user. It is entirely conceivable that the page could provide users with access to a database of historical tournament results, hands won, places, wins, titles, trophies, and more. Access to such information is unprecidented in the poker industry and would be of great value to anybody that wanted to improve their game.

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