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The Poker Revolution presents the Arizona Poker Tour

The Arizona Poker Tour (“APT”) consists of poker tournaments conducted at third-party venues with an arms-length relationship to The Poker Revolution (“TPR”). APT events can be legally conducted in any city or town where municipal ordinances do not prohibit poker or gambling more strictly than the allowances provided by Arizona’s statutory exclusions. TPR has carefully structured the APT as a series of predominantly skill-based Amusement Gambling Poker Tournaments (“AGPTs”) pursuant to A.R.S. § 13-3301(1)(d)(iv), commonly referred to by state officials as “the Chuck E. Cheese” clause.

Even after a dozen demonstrative ADoG raids on gray market poker rooms, over 50 have come and gone since 2009. While it's not as crazy as two more cropping up after one goes down, most of the good games have moved underground, where only the criminal element wins. For now, we will continue to maintain an active and archival list of Phoenix Poker Clubs here.

TPR Development Phases

Phase I - Conceptualization, discussions at traditional poker tournaments, members to 15-20. Talk to potential sponsors and venues.

Phase II - Continue discussions, switch to private AGPT tournament for liveplay testing, start prepping for incorporation.

Phase III - Seed money, incorporation, move AGPTs to public venues, start advertising and recruiting more members. Startup sponsors.

Phase IV - Launch Grand Opening. Expand membership and offerings, get to 6-7 venues per week, acquire a second mobile setup.

Phase V - Expand outside of the Valley to other parts of the State of Arizona, especially the 7 of 15 counties without tribal poker.

Phase VI - Expand to other States similarly situated (tribal exclusivity over regulated poker).

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