The Poker Revolution presents the Arizona Poker Tour

A new paradigm in professional poker tournaments featuring
The Second Annual “Real” Arizona State Poker Championship
Successfully Registered with the Arizona Attorney General as Amusement Gambling

The Arizona Poker Tour (“APT”) is a series of tournament events conducted at sports bars and grills, or any third-party venue that has an arms-length relationship with The Poker Revolution (“TPR”). APT events may be conducted lawfully in any city or town where municipal ordinances do not explicitly prohibit poker or gambling more strictly than state statutes. TPR has carefully structured the APT as a series of predominantly skill-based Amusement Gambling Poker Tournaments (“AGPTs”) pursuant to A.R.S. § 13-3301(1)(d)(iv), commonly referred to by state officials as “the Chuck E. Cheese” clause.

The annual conclusion of the Arizona Poker Tour is “The ‘Real’ Arizona State Poker Championship” (“TRASPC”), a traditional poker tournament with a guaranteed cash prize pool of $40,000, projected to $50,000 based on 500 entries. After three years and as many declined attempts, TRASPC was successfully registered with the Arizona Attorney General as amusement gambling pursuant to ARS 13-3301.1.d.iii. The event is modeled after the USCF’s 116th U.S. Open Chess Championship, that was conducted at the Waldorf Astoria’s Arizona Biltmore Resort on August 1-9 (2015). The Arizona Department of Gaming (“ADoG”) investigated the U.S. Open event and issued an unsolicited statement that the chess for cash games were not illegal under Arizona law. The only law that could possibly validate ADoG’s legal opinion is the intellectual gambling exclusion. The Attorney General's office issued the “green light” letter for the TRASPC on August 5, 2015, midweek during the USCF event. The AG’s office also took no umbrage in the US Open “Chess for Money” tournament.

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Unless otherwise noted, events are $40 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments starting at 6pm and 9pm. 5K chips, 25-50, 15min blinds. Rebuys 1st hour. TPR may offer to buy back any merchandise prizes for its cash value. Members only.

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