The Poker Revolution (“TPR”) brings 100% lawful amusement gambling poker tournaments to Arizona’s most popular neighborhood venues, including an annual REAL Arizona State Poker Championship (a traditional $50,000 cash prize tournament based on 500 entries) that has been successfully registered with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office as amusement gambling [8/5/15].

Unless otherwise noted, events are $40 No Limit Texas Hold’em tournaments starting at 6pm and 9pm. 5K chips, 25-50, 15min blinds. Rebuys 1st hour. TPR may offer to buy back any merchandise prizes for its cash value. Members only.

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Amusement Gambling Poker Tournaments bring all the fun and excitement of a poker tournament to Arizona sports bars and grills or similar venues. AGPTs can be structured to compensate players comparably to traditional cash prize poker tournaments, or structured to disburse prizes evenly so everyone wins something. Player compensation in AGPTs comes primarily from winning individual tournament hands. Each hand won can award up to 20 (max win) vouchers (see Distinct Hand Awards below). Additionally, up to 20 vouchers are awarded for HIGH HAND of the hour, or placing in the TOP 25% of field, or by winning CONSECUTIVE HANDS... the promotional possibilities are endless! Amusement gambling poker tournaments allow TPR members (FREE) to earn vouchers while playing in poker tournaments — just like playing skee ball at Chuck E. Cheese’s, Dave & Busters, or Peter Piper Pizza! But unlike those other places, TPR’s redemption tables are VERY PLAYER FRIENDLY!

AGPT Distinct Hand Awards:

Every hand is splashed with at least one voucher. Even without a showdown, any player can show their winning hand and claim their bonus vouchers.

TPR’s professional dealers keep the game moving and players can expect to see 25-30 hands per hour. If less, tournament directors have the discretion to increase the splash amount for the final hand(s) of a level to compensate for unusually slow table play.

To match traditional prize structures, optional cutthroat bounties can be used. With cutthroat bounties, players surrender up to 20 vouchers they have won in the event, to be awarded to the player(s) that take their last tournament chips. This option funnels vouchers to the final table, where the most skillful players have the most “max win” opportunities. Flexibility is the key in AGPTs. Bounties or no bounties, Hold’em, Omaha, Mixed games, Heads-up, Championship games, everything players would expect from a traditional poker tournament, lawfully conducted under Arizona’s amusement gambling exclusion, with comparable pay and play to casino and home game events of similar size and structure, and offering members and third party venues a better option than what currently exists for Arizona’s pitifully underserved poker community.

AGPT Prize Redemption Table:

Once a player reaches 21 vouchers (winning at least two hands), their voucher to dollar exchange ratio is nearly a 1:1. Vouchers do not expire and can be saved over multiple tournaments and events. State law limits the max prize value to $550, but there is no restriction on a player making multiple, max value redemptions simultaneously. TPR also can offer to buy back any merchandise prize at its stated cash value immediately following the conclusion of any event.

TPR is owned and operated as a 501(c)7 by its members as a democratic, co-operative organization. TPR conducts the Arizona Poker Tour with very little overhead and offers members a casino-quality experience conducted by a professional event staff focused on creating a positive member experience.

Over 100 commercial operations in Arizona currently cater to children and families with amusement gambling opportunities. In fact, A.R.S. § 13-3301(1)(d)(iv) is referred to by prosecutors in the Attorney General’s office as “The Chuck E. Cheese Clause”. These traditional amusement operations presumably avoid the “lure analysis” of ARS 13-3301(1)(c) by fixing their exchange rates astronomically low. For example, an average player (360 points/12 tickets) would need to spend well over $2,000 playing skee ball in order to win enough tickets to redeem for a $350 XBox One at Dave & Busters. TPR avoids the lure analysis by operating as a non-profit, proprietary, social club that offers regular events for the interaction, amusement, and personal enjoyment of its members. See our mission statement.

The Poker Revolution (“TPR”) is pleased to announce that The First Annual “REAL” Arizona State Poker Championship has been successfully registered with the Attorney General’s office as Amusement Gambling!

This annual cash prize poker tournament event serves as the culmination of the Valley Poker Tour. The Valley Poker Tour is a series of Phoenix Metro area tournaments representing the inaugural leg of the Arizona Poker Tour (“APT”). The APT will begin once TPR expands outside the Phoenix metro area (2017).

Beginning in 2016, regular venues on the Arizona Poker Tour will host two (2) amusement gambling poker tournaments (“AGPTs”) once per week. Single and multi-table tournaments with a $40 buyin for 5K chips will be the norm. Hold’em, Omaha, HORSE, Choice tournaments and more are all feasible. AGPTs run just under three hours using 15-minute levels and starting with 25-50 blinds. No antes. Rebuys, addons and bounties are all viable options under the amusement exclusion.

When optional cutthroat bounties are used, the most skillful players can conceivably exceed the compensation they would normally expect from a traditional cash prize pool with a similar field and buyin.

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TPR will kick off the Valley Poker Tour at six popular Valley venues as soon as possible. The target area map above is designed to facilitate monthly City Poker Championships, quarterly Regional Poker Championships, and an annual Valley/State Championship.

TPR events use casino-quality chips and tables, with service-oriented, professional dealers and event staff. TPR events don’t require a long drive to another nation-state, or the prep or clean up of a self-dealt home game. Parents no longer have to worry about waking the kids down the hall if the game runs late or gets a little loud. TPR events are always conducted in a comfortable, safe, neighborhood venue, typically sports bars and grills, with fellow TPR members in a friendly, social environment.

Chess players know what the Elo Rating System is. The higher a player’s rating, the better that player is. TPR introduces its members to a unique Elo rating system based on Arizona Poker Tour event performances. This system factors in the Elo ratings of all other competitors participating in a specific event. With the Elo system, a 1290 rated player that wins an event by beating a field with an average Elo of 1575 might see their ranking increase 30 points, while a 1575 player that beats a field with an agerage Elo of 1290 might only see their ranking increase 6 points.

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